Wednesday, September 5, 2012

JoJo 2012 Fall/Winter Yummy Dessert Sweatshirt Collection

Mochi & Jolie has introduced their new JoJo 2012 Fall/Winter Yummy Dessert Sweatshirt Collection.  The collection includes four sweatshirts adored with super delish desserts including a cupcake, donut, pie and swiss roll cake.  Not only are the decorations scrumptious, but the color combinations on each sweatshirt are stunning.  For instance, the JoJo Cupcake Sweatshirt beautifully combines soft pink with Tiffany blue accents (our two favorite colors).

We want to know which sweatshirt makes your pup's mouth water the most?

JoJo Cupcake Sweatshirt
JoJo Donut Sweatshirt
JoJo Strawberry Pie Sweatshirt
JoJo Swiss Roll Cake Sweatshirt


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