Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mochi & Jolie BIEN-AIME Collection SP 2012

I just love spring. . .I love the colors, the weather and most of all the new spring collections from our favorite designers!  Mochi & Jolie has released their SP 2012 Collection- BIEN-AIMÉ, which means Beloved.  This new collection is definitely easy to love as it is full of vibrant colors and fun prints!

All of the new designs are uploaded to our site and available for ordering!  So even if it doesn't feel like Spring yet where you live, get yourself in the spring frame of mind with a new Mochi & Jolie dress for your pup!

With our further ado, BIEN-AIMÉ:

Adora Dress

Carrie Dress
Charlotte Dress
Doreen Dress
Which dress is your pup's favorite?  It is so hard to pick, but I absolutely love the Carrie and Charlotte Dresses.  I can picture Maggie and Abbie wearing these two dresses and looking so cute coordinating just like Mochi and Jolie, pictured below.

Charlotte and Carrie Dresses Together


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